MALAGA is getting a huge new marina for mega yachts of the super rich.

Bidding has been opened for the space at the Marques de Guadiaro dock in the city’s port.

With the maximum bid set at €9.5 million, interest investors have three months to make their offers before a winner is announced in February.

The new marina will accommodate a maximum of 40 vessels, from 30 to 100 metres in length, and will cover 41,484sqm of water and 4,830sqm of land.

There will also be a 770-metre pier.

It comes after it was announced that the famous Four Seasons hotel is coming to Marbella in a bid to bring ‘more glamour’ and battle the area’s seasonality.

The Four Seasons Hotel Resort in Marbella will be built on a beach front location with the first brick being laid as early as October 5. It has been described by sources as a ‘huge project’ which will bring back some ‘glamour’ to the tourism hotspot.

The land is owned by Villa Padierna, belonging to Malaga businessman Ricardo Arranz, who has partnered with North American firm Fort Partners and Belgian real estate company Inmobel. Four Seasons will not only manage the hotel, but also the private residences and villas. The complex will also include internationally-renowned restaurants that will come to Spain solely for this project.

The luxury hotel resort will be the brainchild of architect Richard Meier and has been described by those involved in the project as ‘a marvel’. It is scheduled to open in 2020.

It has been described by sources as a ‘huge project’ which will bring back some ‘glamour’ to the tourism hotspot after a rise in loutish behaviour from boozed up tourists in the summer months has tarnished once upmarket areas like Puerto Banus. Much like its Miami and Dubai counterparts, the complex will include private residences as well as hotel rooms. It is hoped it will the kick off of a ‘new era’ in luxury tourism in Marbella.

The Four Seasons will be the first in Spain, opening its doors by the beginning of 2019.

Source: Olive Press