INVESTMENT! New Developments at Costa del Sol

The new developments here in the area around Marbella, at the Costa del Sol, are not only a great opportunity to move into a brand new and modern home, but also you can take the chance to invest your money into these new projects.

Once you selected the right location and were able to reserve a suitable apartment or villa off plan, you will occur that there might be a long waiting list of others, which could not purchase a property due to a much higher demand than supply. That’s the right moment, when you should think about putting a big stack on your purchase prize and sell it quickly again with a big profit.

Payment terms (example): Reservation fee (fully refundable if building does not receive a building license), first payment due with private purchase contract, second payment during contruction period, final payment once building is finalized. All payments are bank or insurance guaranteed by law.

Be advised: It’s all about the right timing, prizes and location. Prior you take a decision, contact your lawyer and tax advisor to give you legal input for this kind of investment.

Have a closer look at our section of newly built homes here

If you do have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assist you in choosing the right project.